Cosplay Judy Hopps and Nick Wilde part I: reference photos

Reference photos for Judy Hopps’ police/meter maid outfit and Nick Wilde.

Judy Hopps wears dark blue leggings/pants and a long-sleeve, light blue collared t-shirt. Over her shirt she wears a cropped navy blue police vest with a gold police badge. She wears a black utility belt with black snap pouches of various sizes. In one of the pouches is a pink bottle of Fox Away repellent. Around her wrists she has black wrist guards, and Judy wears grey knee pads (sewn onto to the pants, not strapped on). She doesn’t wear shoes, but has bands of black fabric wrapped around her heels and ankles. In her meter maid outfit, she wears and orange safety vest and navy bowler hat with light blue band and police badge. She has violet eyes and wears what seems to be mascara, eyeliner, and greyish-lavender eyeshadow.


Nick Wilde wears a green leaf-print Hawaiian-style shirt, tan pants, and a black, blue, and red striped tie. For a fem! cosplay , you could use mascara, eyeliner, and a mauve-ruddy red eyeshadow.


judy hopps 1

Reference–Judy Hopps, full

judy hopps 4

Reference–Judy Hopps, full

judy hopps 3

Reference–Judy Hopps, full (traffic outfit)

judy hopps 2

Reference–Judy Hopps, top and head

judy hopps 5

Reference–Fox Away bottle

nick wilde 1

Reference–Nick Wilde, full






Cosplay Margaery Tyrell part II B: hair and make-up tutorial

Hair tutorial:

(Just remember to do three twists, instead of the one or two some other tutorials suggest)

Game of Thrones Hairstyles – Margaery Tyrell hairstyle tutorial

tyrell hair.jpg

Make-up tutorial:

All of these are sort of “inspired by” tutorials, so to stay as screen-accurate as possible, be more conservative with your use of foundation, mascara, etc. Remember, this is quasi-medieval era King’s Landing/Highgarden, so make-up is not so easily acquired, even by royalty.

Cosplay Margaery Tyrell part II A: dress and belt tutorials and materials

Dress tutorial:

Dress and belt tutorial:

Growing Strong – A Cosplay Dress Diary/Sew Along by Kelly Cercone


General full skirt tutorial:

Halter vest tutorial:


Belt tutorial:

Bodice materials:

margaery tyrell fabric.jpg
[NA] Exact match (in Cielo) –

[$17.50 / yard] –

gothic logolcen
[$17.50 / yard] –

royal flower repoeat
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[$16 / yard] –

[$12.50 / yard] –


Sleeve materials:

p kaufmann
[$27 / yard] –

[$17 / yard] –


Skirt materials:

[$6 / yard] –

kona blue
[$5.50 / yard] –

canvas duck
[$7 / yard] –

Cosplay Margaery Tyrell part I: reference photos

Reference photos for the “Sansa going to Highgarden” dress. The backless dress has a gold and blue floral bodice of silk brocade, a blue a-line skirt, and what appears to be blue velvet cap sleeves. Tied to the dress is a golden belt adorned with silver thorns and a large gold rose. She wears minimal makeup and her hair is loose and appears to wear her hair in two styles: a half-ponytail with three twists pinned back and a looser style with two.

margaery tyrell (1)

Reference–bodice, front

margaery tyrell (2)



margaery tyrell (4)

Reference–bodice, front

margaery tyrell (6)

Reference–bodice, front; hair, back

margaery tyrell (7)

Reference–full dress, back


Classifying Characters: Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

Name House MBTI type Faction
Agent Coulson Ravenclaw (Gryffindor) INTJ (ISTJ) Erudite
Agent May Ravenclaw ISTJ Erudite (Dauntless)
Skye Gryffindor (Ravenclaw) INFP (INTP) Dauntless (Amity)
Agent Ward Slytherin ISTJ Dauntless (Erudite)
Fitz Ravenclaw INTP Erudite
Simmons Ravenclaw INTP Erudite (Amity)


Classifying Characters: Supernatural

Name House MBTI type Faction
Dean Winchester Gryffindor ESTP Dauntless
Sam Winchester Gryffindor ENFJ Amity (Erudite)
Castiel Ravenclaw ISTJ (ISFJ) Abnegation (Candor)
Bobby Singer Hufflepuff (Gryffindor) ISTJ Dauntless (Erudite)
Crowley Slytherin INTJ (ENTJ) Erudite
Lucifer Gryffindor ISFP Dauntless
Charlie Bradbury Ravenclaw (Gryffindor) INFP Amity (Erudite)


Classifying Characters: Doctor Who

Name House MBTI type Faction
The Doctor Ravenclaw INFP Amity (Erudite)
Clara Oswald Ravenclaw INTJ (arguably INFJ) Erudite
Amy Pond Gryffindor ESFP Dauntless
Rory Williams Hufflepuff ISTP Amity (Abnegation)
Donna Noble Gryffindor ESTP Candor (Dauntless)
Martha Jones Ravenclaw ENTJ Erudite (Abnegation)
Rose Tyler Gryffindor ENFP Amity
Mickey Smith Gryffindor ISFP Amity (Dauntless)

Everyday Cosplay #2: Amy Pond (A Town Called Mercy)

And now for my second cosplay, an extremely obscure Amy Pond cosplay from a mediocre Series 7 Doctor Who episode. I give you “A Town Called Mercy” Amy Pond cosplay! After this one, all Everyday Cosplays can be found at: or

Amy pond a town called mercy
Navy leather jacket: $589,

Under $100

Grey lace-up oxfords: $20,

Sheer tights: $5.80, Forever 21

Pineapple dress: link unavailable

Classifying Characters: Once Upon a Time





Emma Swan Gryffindor ISTJ Candor (Dauntless)
Mary Margaret Blanchard (Snow White) Hufflepuff INFP Amity (Abnegation)
David Nolan (Prince Charming) Hufflepuff ESFP Dauntless (Amity)
Regina Mills (The Evil Queen) Slytherin INFJ (The Evil Queen)INTJ (Regina Mills) Erudite
Mr. Gold (Rumplestiltskin) Slytherin INFJ Erudite
Killian Jones (Captain Hook) Gryffindor INTJ Dauntless