Classifying Characters: Doctor Who

Name House MBTI type Faction
The Doctor Ravenclaw INFP Amity (Erudite)
Clara Oswald Ravenclaw INTJ (arguably INFJ) Erudite
Amy Pond Gryffindor ESFP Dauntless
Rory Williams Hufflepuff ISTP Amity (Abnegation)
Donna Noble Gryffindor ESTP Candor (Dauntless)
Martha Jones Ravenclaw ENTJ Erudite (Abnegation)
Rose Tyler Gryffindor ENFP Amity
Mickey Smith Gryffindor ISFP Amity (Dauntless)

Everyday Cosplay #2: Amy Pond (A Town Called Mercy)

And now for my second cosplay, an extremely obscure Amy Pond cosplay from a mediocre Series 7 Doctor Who episode. I give you “A Town Called Mercy” Amy Pond cosplay! After this one, all Everyday Cosplays can be found at: or

Amy pond a town called mercy
Navy leather jacket: $589,

Under $100

Grey lace-up oxfords: $20,

Sheer tights: $5.80, Forever 21

Pineapple dress: link unavailable