Cosplay Margaery Tyrell part II B: hair and make-up tutorial

Hair tutorial:

(Just remember to do three twists, instead of the one or two some other tutorials suggest)

Game of Thrones Hairstyles – Margaery Tyrell hairstyle tutorial

tyrell hair.jpg

Make-up tutorial:

All of these are sort of “inspired by” tutorials, so to stay as screen-accurate as possible, be more conservative with your use of foundation, mascara, etc. Remember, this is quasi-medieval era King’s Landing/Highgarden, so make-up is not so easily acquired, even by royalty.


Cosplay Margaery Tyrell part II A: dress and belt tutorials and materials

Dress tutorial:

Dress and belt tutorial:

Growing Strong – A Cosplay Dress Diary/Sew Along by Kelly Cercone


General full skirt tutorial:

Halter vest tutorial:


Belt tutorial:

Bodice materials:

margaery tyrell fabric.jpg
[NA] Exact match (in Cielo) –

[$17.50 / yard] –

gothic logolcen
[$17.50 / yard] –

royal flower repoeat
[$17.50 / yard] –

[$16 / yard] –

[$12.50 / yard] –


Sleeve materials:

p kaufmann
[$27 / yard] –

[$17 / yard] –


Skirt materials:

[$6 / yard] –

kona blue
[$5.50 / yard] –

canvas duck
[$7 / yard] –

Cosplay Margaery Tyrell part I: reference photos

Reference photos for the “Sansa going to Highgarden” dress. The backless dress has a gold and blue floral bodice of silk brocade, a blue a-line skirt, and what appears to be blue velvet cap sleeves. Tied to the dress is a golden belt adorned with silver thorns and a large gold rose. She wears minimal makeup and her hair is loose and appears to wear her hair in two styles: a half-ponytail with three twists pinned back and a looser style with two.

margaery tyrell (1)

Reference–bodice, front

margaery tyrell (2)



margaery tyrell (4)

Reference–bodice, front

margaery tyrell (6)

Reference–bodice, front; hair, back

margaery tyrell (7)

Reference–full dress, back